It is snowing. The first significant snowfall we’ve had this winter and that’s unfathomable for Minnesota. And as usual, the weather people didn’t see it coming.

The original forecast for this weekend said we’d get snow on Saturday. And so of course we got nothing on Saturday. This morning I glanced at the Star Tribune weather and the prediction was: cloudy. Now of course the corrected forecast is 2 to 7 inches by midday tomorrow. And while it’s the light fluffy stuff, it is sticking to the roads and I’m happy to be home in front of the laptop, listening to Pink Floyd (perfect for a winter night), and working on this journal.

The purpose of this journal is not to have a running commentary on the weather, but rather to promote the book I’ve been working on. The plan is that between LiveJournal and the site, I’ll catch the attention of an agent or editor. I plan to pursue the conventional methods of submitting query letters but this is a more “wired” approach.

It’s a three-day weekend and we’ve been busy. On Friday I got my laptop back. It’s been in repair for a month and I’ve been experiencing severe withdrawal. I could still use my wife’s PC but that meant sharing with a person who spends a LOT of time on her computer. So I was jonesing to get my own toy back. It took a few hours Friday night to get all the programs set up and move files back from the external hard drive to the laptop. And then Saturday morning I got back to work on the book. By the afternoon I had finished a chapter that had been plaguing me for the last two months and figured out what to do with the next.

We went out and did our usual weekend errands – boring stuff like groceries. And then came back to watch so SG: Atlantis episodes and SNL. Atlantis was great. SNL was like a visit to the proctologist, you just want it to be over with.

Today I got back on the writing horse again – trying to kick start this next chapter. It’s one that was originally written long ago and it’s pretty much a mess. The PointOfView shifts around, there’s too much exposition. But there’s still some good dialog and it moves right along. I just need to find a new beginning that draws the reader in, straighten out the POV, ditch the extraneous bullshit and craft a suitable ending. That won’t be too hard. I hope…

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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