Bored now (but you have to say it like the Evil Willow did)

Here at work we are experiencing technical difficulties. It’s been bad all week but now everything is hosed. In fact, I have used the term hosed enough times that those above me are now using the word. I have such influence with my superiors. So I have time to actually update this journal rather than plugging away at kicking off document harvests.

The three-day weekend is closer now, I can almost taste it. Beer in the fridge, check. Massive amounts of writing to do, check. Plans with friends and Caroline, check. Will it all come to fruition, god I hope so.

I am at a point in the chapter I am rewriting where I can now go like a bat out of hell. For the next several pages, the writing is solid enough that all I have to do is just tighten the bolts a little and lube the chassis. The last couple pages will require more thought so my hope is I can burn through the easy stuff Saturday and Sunday, and then on Monday tackle the ending in one day. That’s my plan anyway, we’ll see if it works. Stay tuned.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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