Rest in peace, Doctor Beckett

We watched Stargate Atlantis Friday night – now we’re in mourning. We knew they were going to kill him this season but it was still a little bit of a shock. I don’t know why the show’s writers did that. I suppose it is possible Paul McGillion wanted to leave the show. I suppose I could also get off my lazy ass and find this answer on the fan sites too, but I don’t want to sift through all the fanatics’ postings to try and get the real scoop. So here’s to you Carson Beckett, you were a great character and you will be missed. And Mr. McGillion as well.

The cats are having minor skirmishes over a new object of desire. Carjo found this rabbit made of scratching post material in the dollar bin at the pet food store. It’s about an inch thick, six inches across and eighteen inches long. You are supposed to hang it off a door but they showed no interest in that. But when we put in on the floor, the Queen of the House claimed it as a bed for napping. And because she claimed it, others wanted it as well. So now they have been tussling over this thing for the last two weeks. They may cost us a fortune in food and vet bills but they do keep us entertained.

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