Anniversary weekend

Carjo and I celebrated our 28th Anniversary this weekend – it was one of our better weekends in recent memory. Friday we went with R&J to the Town Hall Brewery for dinner and some really fine beverages. The Town Hall let us down horribly last time we were there, this time made up for it entirely. Saturday we watched the movie “Chrystal” On Demand, saw “Gone Baby Gone” at the theater, rented “Alpha Dogs” that night, and ate at the new Baja Sol in Inver Grove. Sunday I watched the biggest upset by the Vikings in over a decade, and the best performance by a Vikings running back ever. Ever.

Our computers are giving me trouble. The laptop’s cooling unit problems have returned – it is no longer reliable. I’m going to just transfer everything into the PC and try to find out how much to fix the laptop AGAIN. The PC totally lost its soundcard last week and for two days I messed around with reloading drivers. Friday afternoon I opened up the side panel, popped out the soundcard, blew the whole mess off with a can of compressed air, and reseated it into the motherboard. As soon as I turned it on the sound was working again. Some days it just pays to treat these computers like a farm boy instead of trying to over think the issue.

So I close now, relaxed after a good weekend and ready to face the week. Now if I can just get some writing done…

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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