Let it snow…

There was about five inches of sparkling white snow on our deck by yesterday evening, and visibility was actually reduced. We almost never get any storms of consequence any more. I can’t remember the last true wrath-of-God blizzard I’ve seen since we’ve moved to Minnesota. It kills me when you see psuedo-scientists scoffing at global warming on TV but ask anyone who lives around here and you will find very few doubters. There is no denying that winter is not nearly as fierce as it used to be.

I sent off nine chapters to a couple of friends a month ago and one of them sent back several comments in an email last week. So now I gots some work to do because a couple of points really do ring true. The teenage girl comes off as a little too precocious. I can write from the perspective of a grown woman but it gets harder to create one younger. So I need to look at the chapter where the teenager debuts – try to make her a little less full of herself and reveal some insecurities. I’ve taken pains to avoid writing too many scenes with children – it’s usually pretty easy to have any character’s kids offstage but this girl I can’t ignore. She’s crucial to the plot. I’ll find her voice yet…

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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