Christmas is a dangerous time

Maine Coons are roughly the size and temperament of toddlers. Keep this in mind.

Christmas Eve we opened presents and as we opened the giant box of cat toys they all gathered, like a pride of lions stalking the water hole. They do not wait patiently for their gifts to be opened, pawing at each item before it was even released from its packaging; they were snarling, hissing, and batting at each other as favorites were determined. The coons normally get along quite well but new toys bring out their worst behavior and they had a LOT of new toys. Then Carjo opened the laser pointer.

We used to have a laser pointer – it drove them insane. Our cats normally attack prey as a team – they’re like a pride when they focus on anything living that makes the mistake of entering our flat. But the laser pointer was every man for himself. Bodies would be flying and smackdowns would ensue as the competition for the little red light began.

The new laser pointer had several images but they liked the solid dot the best. And it was an epic battle. Our alpha male, who normally disciplines with a look or a nod, was actually smacking the Queen of the house for getting in his way; The Enforcer usually lets the Kitten get away with anything but with these high stakes he slammed the twerp across the room. The Clown Prince who usually clowns around had a feral seriousness. And then The Clown Prince figured out that the dot of light was somehow related to what Carjo was holding in her hand. Then the Enforcer noticed the same thing. They walked over to the couch and stood there staring at her. “Give us that damn thing”, they seemed to be saying.

These cats are way too smart…

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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