Now is the winter of our discontent made glorious by…a blizzard?

We might be getting an honest to god blizzard here. It’s been snowing all morning; dry powder that doesn’t cling. Now the second ingredient has appeared, a strong NW wind that shakes the siding on our outside walls like a terrier with chew-toy. The winds are going to only get stronger and wind chills will continue to drop. This could be a good one.

And of course, we have a birthday party to go to tonight. I’d rather stay in. We’re both fighting off colds and it’d be a far better night to stay home, watching movies and House, MD DVDs. But this is an event and we’ve never missed it. Our friend, who will be known here as The King of Fondue, holds his birthday party at his sister’s place, only a couple miles from us. Every year we have fondue and every year they kick it up a notch, adding more combinations of meats, veggies, desserts. And of course, plenty of alcohol. And we’ll need plenty of that to stay warm. The sister of the King of Fondue keeps a very cold castle…

I need to comment on the glorious mess that was our caucus. They got optimistic and printed 1500 ballots based on the fact that they had 500 people two years ago and there were indications that they would at least double that. I’d say there were easily 3000+ jammed into that high school. Like Will Rogers said, I’m not a member of an organized political party, I’m a Democrat. I had hoped to be a Senate convention delegate for our precinct (go Franken) but it was utter chaos. Fifteen minutes before voting would end there were still people coming in to vote. I doubt if they ever got it straight who the delegates would be. So on the advice of The Lawyer, I am going to try to contact someone in the party and try to get in. Cross your fingers.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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