Ask and ye shall receive

In other news, I’ve been getting Apple updates at home for my iTunes and Quick Time. Except that they aren’t really updates. It seems that Apple wants people to use their craptastic Safari browser instead of Firefox so they’re sending Safari in their updates. Gee Mr. Jobs, isn’t that the kind of crap that you berate Bill Gates for. I’ll keep using Firefox, thank you very much for caring about what browser I use on my PC. Now go suck an egg, or apple, or how about you just suck my big…

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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One Response to Ask and ye shall receive

  1. Anonymous says:

    Corptocractic Wankology
    Reminds me of my current dealing with Citibank Visa…I’m currently struggling (and succeeding!) in paying off my credit card debt to these wankers – but the funny thing is they’re starting to send me dopey letters which state things like: “We notice you’ve recently made a big payment to your account with us…Why? We hope we’re not losing your business with us. We want to partner with you to be your main line of credit…blah,blah,blah”….I read these letters and I think “how damn retarded do they think I am? (Ok, retarded enough to get mired into paying their ridiculous interest rates in the first place…) But, the letters seem to infer they believe we have some sort of buddy-client relationship… No, let me run it up a few grand again – I enjoy being enslaved to your outrageous debt load…Thanks for the Wendy Pini pic there Jerrol….What is it about a redhead in a chain mail bikini swinging a big honking sword?…Lots there for a good psychoanalyst to delve into…Peace – RichM

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