Meeting David Wilson

We watched the documentary “Meeting David Wilson” last night on MSNBC and the Brian Williams-anchored forum that followed it. Carjo was excited about it; I thought it was going to be a little “let’s all feel good about ourselves now” piece with little substance. I was quite wrong. It turned out to be a quite fasciating story and the forum that followed was pretty substantial. I HIGHLY recommend this.

The premise was this: a young African-American journalist named David Wilson leaves NYC to go back to the North Carolina plantation where his ancestors were slaves and meets the descendant of the plantation owners, a man named David Wilson. I won’t give the rest away; in fact the article I have posted the link to does that so be forewarned. But I encourage anyone who has any interest in where our country is going to see this program. I am sure that MSNBC will have it on heavy rotation and it’s probably going to pop up online in some format. By all means, track it down. Truly riveting television.

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