For an old guy, you ain’t bad in a fight.

We saw the new Indiana Jones movie last night with the Pharmacists. I give it a marginal thumbs up; it certainly wasn’t perfect. Obviously it cannot recapture the thrill of the first movie but who can realistically expect that. It certainly wasn’t the abomination that the Star Wars prequels were. In the end it was a decent farewell but we should expect and have gotten more for this character. I did like the final scene, it was a nice wrap-up.

Without giving away spoilers, the first two thirds of the movie are the best. Once our hero gets on the final leg of the journey to the Kingdom, that’s when it all becomes too much. The last few action sequences go far over the top, and go on for too long. The CGI is ridiculous at that point. It was good to see Karen Allen back – I am grateful that they didn’t bring in some worthless ingenue one fourth Harrison Ford’s age. The sense of humor is a little lacking – some of the jokes either fall flat or lack that zing we’ve come to expect. But it’s still better than any of its imitators: those wretched Mummy movies and even worse, the National Treasure movies. And there’s a quick cameo appearance by an object of desire in one of the earlier films that absolutely no one in the theater I was in got. C’mon people, you have to watch for things like this.

So goodbye Indy – you certainly kept us entertained. I just wish your last adventure could have been better.

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