Home today, Home to Stay

As some of you know, today Carjo had a medical exam today and it required sedatives. She passed with flying colours and is at the other desk as I type this, fading in and out of consciousness as she stubbornly surfs the Internet. I’ll be forcing her to bed sooner or later, or else she is going to faceplant on her keyboard.

My aunt The Professor is in town along with a couple cousins. All are meeting over at my brother’s for dinner tonight but in typical brother fashion, we were told about it today and there’s no way it works for us. So I will stay home with an unconscious bride, trying to write and plying myself with caffeine and cheap Trader Joe’s beer.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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3 Responses to Home today, Home to Stay

  1. Anonymous says:

    Re: my choice
    I think it is time that Dr Tatiana appears in a dishdrawer ad – in that white skirt of course.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cans are actually more recyclable then bottles.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m one of the guys who has let life and kids severely decrease the amount of time I devote to music. But I think I have also changed somewhat in my relationship to music in general. For instance I now have very little interest in reading about any particular band, let alone what the members think about much of anything. Back when I was 20 I was pretty interested to hear what, say, Michael Stipe or Paul Westerberg had to say. Now? Not so much.
    But as for things I’ve taken up lately I’ll have to admit that you and Dankert (and Cameron Crowe) have sparked my appreciation for Led Zepplin. I’m not ever really going to be a fan but I certainly pay attention to them in a way I never thought I would. Tho for what it’s worth I bet I read Hammer of the Gods before I actually buy an album.
    The other thing I never expected to get into was opera. I still haven’t done much exploring but it’s on my radar in a way I never thought it would be. I’ve always been aware of it, my parents took me to Carmen when I was about 10 and they also gave me a Gilbert and Sullivan record about the same time. What has really made me want to look into it a bit more was U2’s “Miss Sarajevo” where they bring in Paverati to sing a verse at the end. When he starts to sing it is obvious that what he is doing is so far removed from the singing we hear on a regular basis as to be an entirely different art form. I don’t quite know where to start but I know there are works out there that will be like nothing I’ve heard before and I look forward to finding them.
    But one question for you, tho. What about the women? I’ve been talking music with you for several years now and I don’t once recall your talking about a female act or singer. I’ve actually been meaning to ask you that for a long time, ever since I noticed that your Live Journal Current Music is filled exclusively by men. It’s not at all a criticism, but I am curious.
    – James

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