Thank you, Andrew Carnegie

I’ve always loved libraries. I’ve always felt comfortable when surrounded by books, maybe because that was the atmosphere I grew up in or more realistically, because I am an incurable bibliophile. My hometown was too small to have a library of its own but every two or three weeks the bookmobile would come. I always checked out far more than I could read but I couldn’t help myself. There was so much to choose from in that musty old bus. In the 80s, when I moved back to town I was thrilled to see that the bookmobile still made the rounds. Now I got to check out the adult side of the bus. You could even request a book and it would be on the next trip. Oh such an insane luxury.

Dakota County has a very good library system and I’ve plundered it aplenty over the years but I’ve been a little streaky about it the last few years. This summer another streak began. Their online system finally got the kinks straightened out – it just wouldn’t let me log in half the time and the other half the catalog was about as stable as Jambo at an Apple Store Grand Opening. But now it works exceptionally well. I can even set up a list of books and CDs I want to check out in the future. I took my Amazon wish list and found nearly two-thirds of it scattered across the Dakota County library system. The Eagan branch is about to close for remodeling but I can still order stuff online and pick it up/return at the Civic Center. I’ve got the first three of Daniel Abraham’s The Long Price Quartet sitting on hold right now, plus some Beethoven, Dvorak, Mingus, and the Allman Brothers Band. Go me!

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