The Loudness Wars

I am happy to see that the Loudness War is finally getting some mainstream media attention. I sense confusion on your part so I will explain. CDs have been getting louder over the last few years. Record companies have been pushing up the volume and reducing the dynamic range on music in an effort to make it come screaming out of the radio or tinny iBuds on iPods. The trouble with this approach is that that dynamic range – the difference between the loud part of a song and the quiet part – is lost. Picture The Who’s “Behind Blue Eyes” with the acoustic portion of the song as loud as the electric finale. An awful notion, isn’t it. See the Rolling Stone article for more enlightenment. The most dramatic example of this is the new Metallica CD. The Pharmdoc lent me his copy a couple weeks ago and it is ridiculous – even at a low volume it clips and distorts. Supposedly the mix was done while the band was on tour in Europe but I don’t care. This is yet another reason why I am listening to more jazz these days. And old Slade.

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