It’s High Time for a Little Rationality

I have been trying to hold back the politics on this journal (that doesn’t always work but hey, I try). I’ve got a few friends who are conservative, but at least rational (though Thundering Bear really needs to stop listening to Hannity). But this article goes to the heart of what I think this country needs to get out of the mess it is in.

Nate Silver is talking about the two types of progressives, rational and radical. I have little use for radical progressives, almost as much as I do for the far right. Both let emotions get the better of them and stake out positions from which they refuse to back down or compromise. With the decimation of the Republican party from a national organization to a regional one, I think that they have lost touch with the rational side. Which leads to three Republican senators and no Republican representatives supporting the stimulus package. And if progressives aren’t careful, we could see the same fate if we listen to the far left. Personally, I think Obama knows this and is going to hew close to the center. But it won’t shut up the radicals on either side.

So please read this. I think it is essential reading for the rational members of both sides if we are going to fix the mess we’re in.

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