Ticket to Ride

I am seeing a frightful amount of speed traps and patrolling police cars lately on the highways and freeway this late winter/early spring. I suspect that the various governments involved have decided a little revenue is needed and what better than nailing dozens of scofflaws and speedsters.

Just this Sunday we were heading up 35E towards St Paul and an older pickup roars by us, probably doing 80 in a 70 zone. Carjo flips him a fine white bird because there’s an anti-animal bumper sticker on the rusty lopsided bumper. Right where 35E leaves Eagan, the speed limit drops to 55. The tool in the family truckster just roars on and immediately flies past three MN Highway Patrol cars lounging in the median. One chases him down.

Now usually I see one patrol car at that spot. Three cars is something worthy of New Years Eve or St. Patrick’s Day. And then a day later on Highway 13 in a stretch of no more than 2 miles I saw three Burnsville PD cars, stopping speeders. There’s something going on here.

It has to be revenue. The state and local governments are strapped for cash with no hope in sight. So they’ve apparently decided to do a little fund-raising. Only this ain’t like having a bake sale. So I am going to be very careful driving this spring and summer. I am a bit of a leadfoot – the Passat runs best on the highway and it’s as smooth as silk at 75+. In fact, it’s best mileage is when I am driving over 65. But I can afford a speeding ticket about as well as I can afford a new car. So I am just going to slow the hell down and try to behave. I just hope they nail Pawlenty’s SUV when it streaks from Eagan to St Paul.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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