It’s like a visit to Championship Vinyl

Our home smells like a record store. I couldn’t be happier.

The last few years we’ve been burning incense more often. Carjo was always fond of burning scented candles but she has gradually come over to preferring incense. I have always loved the stuff. I had a burner that got me through high school and college but like a lot of my ilk (baby boomers) had put aside such affectations. But we have returned to the fold. There is a theory that people are better at creating when one of their senses is distracted. Some authors have been known to have fruit in their offices because the sense of smell is engaged. I prefer burning incense.

We started with some cones that were bought over the internets, then we discovered sticks last longer. Finally, Carjo found some really nice sticks at some foo-foo store she like in the MoA. I started a thread on PE regarding incense and got flooded with suggestions. Nag Champa was sited quite a few times so I decided I needed to find some. I did a Google search for Nag Champa in the Twin Cities and soon we found ourselves walking into Maharajah Gifts in downtown St Paul.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in an old school head shop/record store. It was like I was in Mothers Records in Fargo, a den of iniquity that was actually in an old church in downtown Fargo. There were oversize posters hanging from the walls, paraphernalia galore, two cats walking around like they owned the place (named Lucy and Linus), and the guys behind the counter were cranking some old live Mingus. And ye gods did these guys have a large incense collection. Plenty of Nag Champa and other Indian types, plus the brand that Carjo bought at the foo-foo shop but for about a third of the price. For the cost of 15 sticks at the MoA, I bought 60. And now our home smells like a record store.

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One Response to It’s like a visit to Championship Vinyl

  1. Anonymous says:

    Record Stores
    Nice entry. I like the Electric Fetus in Duluth for a lot of the same reasons. I don’t get in there enough…The incense seems to me to provide a mindfulness feeling of just hanging out and being part of the store for a spell (vs. rushing in, buying a bunch of expensive stuff you may regret later – and then rushing out again.) That’s why I like non-big box record stores with artist in-store performances too… Modern consumerism definitely discourages this…RichM

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