What Up With You People

I’ve been downloading videos for Carjo. “Slash” videos. As our friend the Crazy Cat Lady would say: so wrong. I was highly amused by the video of Michael Shanks at a Stargate Convention where he calls out the slashers in the crowd.

By the way, if you don’t know what slash is, you really don’t want to know.

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4 Responses to What Up With You People

  1. Slash videos? I was unaware of this phenomenon…

    • jeroljohnson says:

      Yeah, they’re out there. Just go to YouTube, enter a relationship that gets slashed and add slash to it. You’ll get a host of fan-created videos, set to bad-emo music, showing how much say…Harry and Draco care for each other.
      Here’s the Michael Shanks video where he calls out the slashers:

      And here’s Christopher Judge finding out about the furry culture:

      My personal attitude for furries, slashers, and every other sub-culture that has been exploited by episodes of C.S.I. is “as long as they don’t do it in the road and frighten the horses” it’s OK. But watching the reactions on these vids is pretty entertaining.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much my take also. I’m weird enough in my own way that I don’t need to put down other people for their weirdness. And one of my best friends really is a furry…

      • jeroljohnson says:

        Well hell yeah, we have a fellow PEer who doth don the fur.
        I have no problem with my wife reading slash. I just have a problem when she starts reading the shit aloud and the quality of the writing drives me up the wall. Although Legolas/Gimli, man that’s just fucked up. 😉

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