Yup, we made it. And we now have Internets at home, though not at work. The new jobs suck beyond sucking but they’re what we needed to get back to this world and the real job search begins now. Thank everyone who helped up make the move, all the warm support, and the wonderful greeting we got when we got here. It all meant the world to us.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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One Response to They’re….HERE

  1. Anonymous says:

    re: They’re….HERE
    Jerol! I feel like I missed something…What the heck you doing in North Dakota? ….(No need to answer, I think I pieced it together from reading your web journal…)But there’s a geekish-looking fellow camped out at your cube here in Eagan, looking for your TPS reports…Say, ever been to Wolf Point, Montana? (not too far over the border from Williston, is it?)…I used to work out there… RichM

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