Understand, It’s Time to Get Ready for the Storm

I hadn’t exactly forgotten about prairie weather but it still surprised me how vicious it gets out on the high plains. We have had thunder storms every night for almost an entire week now. These are not the meandering leviathans that occasionally attack metropolitan Minnesota. No, in western North Dakota they maneuver and strike like a panzer division. You know it’s coming when you feel that rumble and there’s not much to do but stay inside and out of the wrath. Carjo and a few of the cats hate storms and they are not used to this constant barrage. Me and the other two cats do just fine.

My mother said, “It was like this last year. I would walk the hallway with lightning all around me. I don’t like to go into the basement. I’d rather die with my house around me than it on top of me.” The real truth is Mom can no longer manage the stairs so she’s just rationalizing. It is quite safe down there, plus reasonably dry no that I have done some work on the rain gutters and landscaping.

I worked on the house again today, even though I shouldn’t. There is so much to be done around here. I got the jamb for the front door planed down a little and oiled the hinges with WD-40, replaced the bulbs for the backyard lamps, and unclogged the toilet – all which made me break out into a cold sweat.

See, I have been fighting the flu all week. Because I have no sick time at the new job, it’s been either work or don’t get paid. But this flu has me in such a funk of weariness and congestion that I have zero energy and can’t seem to gain any ground on it. It’s been a week today and I feel only a margin better (no fever but body aches, head aches, head leaks snot like a faucet, etc.). And the pièce de résistance is that due to my weak balance, I threw out my back yesterday which trying to put on my underwear. I spend close to 4 weeks lifting and moving boxes and furniture and I am undone by a $1.99 pair of TJ Maxx undies. Sweet irony is a bitch.

But next week is another week and hopefully a better week. And maybe I’ll post something about writing or music or anything better than how I was slammed down by a pair of tighty whiteys.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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