For those who didn’t get the email – an update

Greetings from the far corner of North Dakota. We have survived the summer. The countdown has begun. If everything goes according to plan, on Thursday Sept. 9, we will be leaving work early to take my mom to Fargo. She will then be turned over to the care and custody of my brother until she flies south to AZ. After a day in Bismarck, Carjo and I will drive like the wind back to Ray on Saturday to celebrate our freedom and race through the house naked.

We will have an enormous amount of work to do: clean 50 years of junk out of here, boxing the good stuff up for safe-keeping, throwing hoarded junk into the garbage, steam cleaning carpets and furniture. We will be doing all of these activities…naked.

There is a lot to do before Mom leaves. There’s a Pow-wow at the casino the this weekend (which now may have been canceled), she wants to go to her hometown to take one last look at the old house and visit relatives and family graves, go to Minot and buy paint and maybe a new microwave, and hire contractors for the windows and screen door on the house here. Whew

Anyway, we are finding small comforts here. Late at night we go walking around the neighborhood, stalking down silent streets and looking at the stars. One of these nights we might even try it…naked.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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