Making Love With Just One Stroke

A word on hip-hop beats and drum samples: I hate them as much as I hate Coors Light, the NY Yankees, and 98% of country western music. Maybe I associate that beat with disco (a rhythm that George Clinton once described as similar to “making love with just one stroke”) but I think that beat is taking away a crucial element of the music by sticking to a tedious and repetitive rhythm. To me, drums are part of the arsenal and by constricting them to a monotonous thud is boring. There’s no attack, nothing to drive the song. My only exception is some trip-hop or ambient electronic music.

When we had our VW, I discovered that the best music to play while driving in the rain at night was trip-hop or something ambient. It gave off that trippy European vibe and made the whole experience seem somehow cinematic. I made an MP3 collection that had the Blade Runner Soundtrack, Royksopp, Stig’s Biodiversity (CD by a guy on Progressive Ears) and Emancipator. Playing this while the rain pelted the car and the wipers kept perfect time seemed to make such perfect sense.

And now Carjo plays Emancipator just about every night as she goes to sleep. And there again, it makes perfect sense.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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