Underwater Cave

My precious man cave has flooded. I haven’t the words for this tragedy…

…well actually I do. I thought I had the basement tight and dry. It has always had issues with snow melt and rain but I worked hard this summer to get to the source of every leak and seal it up. So I felt pretty comfortable getting the man cave set up in the area that used to be my dad’s shop. It was sweet – I had rugs laid down all around the desk, a little personal heater, the PC’s audio ran into the big stereo so I could listen to all the bootlegs on my hard drive. I could burn incense, write, and crank the kind of music Carjo hates in relative peace and comfort. All was good.

Yesterday after 5:00 I went downstairs and as I descended the stairs I could see the carpet on the landing was wet. It turned out that melt water had gone down the exhaust of the furnace and right into the center of the basement. Nothing was damaged but Carjo hit the panic button and ordered that all electronics be brought upstairs. I resisted because there was no real good place in the living room or dining room for my stereo. Plus it is back-breaking work. But we finally agreed to set it up in what we call the middle room – a former bedroom that has a sleeper couch and has the new PC in it.

So I spent about three hours on bringing my computer and stereo upstairs, first setting up the old PC in the dining room and then the stereo in the middle room, where I have to hand it to Carjo, it looks like it belongs. About 10:30 at night I went back downstairs to make sure I had everything. And a second far worse flood had occurred. It came from the west wall, a flood zone of notorious reputation that had seen hours of work to shore up in the summer. And it all failed. There was about a half inch of water over two-thirds of the basement, especially my former man cave.

It will take months to get it all dry and habitable again. Carjo is thankfully not righteous about insisting that I moved everything upstairs. I am abandoning the old PC because there is no way to access the Internet with it now and all the writing activity will move to the new PC. But this afternoon I sit in the middle room, an incense stick is burning, two cats are lounging on the couch, and the stereo has some nasty blues simmering. I will survive.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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