Necrophilia – it’s not a bad thing sometimes

Inspired by a CD Adam sent me of some unreleased Stones tracks I did a little digging into the torrent sites. There are legends of a plethora of quality songs sitting in the vaults that Mick just can’t be bothered to dig through. Why he doesn’t I don’t know. Maybe it would take too much effort or the cost benefit analysis just didn’t show a big enough profit for Jagger. Or maybe he just doesn’t care. But irregardless, there is plenty of evidence that he’s sitting on a treasure trove. There have been a few official releases (the Singles Collection got the prime b-sides, Rarities ’71-03 had a few significant tracks). But these only represent the tip of the iceberg. And there are a ton of bootlegs to prove it.

Several years ago while looking through torrent sites for the Belgium show from ’73, I found a collection called Storm in a Teacup. It had two discs worth of some really great tracks I had never heard before plus killer live stuff running from the beginnings of the band into the 80s. I mean KILLER stuff. Talk about your mother lode. And it made me wonder about what else Mr. Jagger has sitting in the vaults, gathering moss.

Now today I read about an unreleased follow-up to Hot Rocks that was eventually shelved because Andrew Loog Oldham and Allen Klein had a big fight over the song selection. It was called Necrophilia. Well, I just downloaded the FLAC files ripped from a leaked sample LP. I must say, as no doubt Mick said many times, Allen Klein is a dumb asshole. Here’s the review from AllMusic:

This collection is just a beast. Other than some clicks from the vinyl the sound is fantastic. So come on Mick, empty out the vaults. It’s not like you’re going to be touring again. Especially not after what Keith said in his book about your equipment…

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