Girls in their summer clothes

The man cave lives!

After a fair amount of work, I got the flood damage in the basement cleaned up. The old carpet on the landing is gone, the books have been moved from the landing as well, and layers of filth have been shoveled out and their former home coated with bleach solution.

I first moved the computer downstairs to the old desk and then one day took the stereo. Carjo was a bit ticked off at that. The thing is, once she got pact the initial novelty of having the stereo in the same room as her computer she stopped playing it. She’s perfectly capable of playing CDs on her computer but she never does. So her arguments were ineffectual.

The stereo is a fussy thing. Those British components don’t like moving from one place to another. At first I was getting unholy feedback from something unknown but I moved the tape deck from one side of the amplifier to the other and the howling disappeared. It took the CD player a few tries to warm up and start reading discs properly. It has a brand new transport and laser but still, it’s fussy. And finally there seemed to be a lack of depth to the system, sort of the way it sounded when it was brand new and the speakers/amp needed about 100+ hours to burn in. After about a week or two it kicked in. The bass has authority, an orchestra sounds like an orchestra again, and guitars have the proper snarl. I have Springsteen’s Magic CD playing right now and it sounds majestic.

And now with the distractions out of the way, I can get back to work. And that’s a good thing.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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