Kings and Gods

This weekend we watched the King’s Speech (on DVD) and Thor (at the theater).

King’s Speech was a well-made little film with some great acting and writing. Certainly not worthy of the Best Picture oscar but a very good movie. The historical inaccuracies were a little galling – I felt like the screenwriter wanted to glorify the monarchy just a bit too much. But then again at least they portrayed the Duke of Windsor as a self-absorbed, narcissistic shit-heel who thought only with his pecker, which was nice.

Thor had no pretensions of being the best picture of the year but was entertaining. The big guy was always one of my favorite Marvel heroes (Ultron, we would have words with thee) but I had my doubts as to how it would translate to the big screen. I have to applaud Kenneth Branagh and the screenwriters for wrestling a decent balance between the Asgard saga and Thor’s banishment to Earth. It was good to see Loki get some dimension and motivation, rather than just the one dimensional villain he often was in the comics. The conversion of Thor from an arrogant bastard to a decent man was a little unbelievable given the short time it took him to reach this epiphany but still, worth the price of admission.

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