Feline Security

Our cats can be a bit on the fraidy cat side. And not just when there are guests, but any random noise can get them spooked. Garbage trucks, buses, and anything with a large diesel engine will send them scurrying, especially Jasper. Poca, Hodge, and Daniel hate thunder storms (although Jonah and Jasper would sit at a window and watch). A knock on the door would also send them flying at the speed of light. But it seems to have changed in the year here.

Now if the doorbell rings they’ll sleep through it. Hodge and Jonah are not friendly to guests still but the rest could care less. This morning Jasper watched the garbage truck with a calm fascination. But what really hit home was this afternoon when we had a raucous thunder storm complete with some very loud hail. Poca and Daniel slept through it, Hodge ignored it. Jonah watched it out the sliding glass door.

It kind of makes me feel a little guilty. Did they really hate apartment living that much? I know that they enjoy having an entire house to roam around in. They only pile on the bed now when Carjo is beginning a nap or when we’re watching TV in bed. As soon as the lights go off most of them go off to their own place to sleep. Or just stare outside and watch the world go by. It bothers me a little that they never totally felt secure in the places we used to live in.

I think that I should just be happy that they can live out the rest of their days in a place they enjoy. Right now Jonah is stalking around the floor of my man cave, yowling for attention and carrying on. He’s in his 14th year right now and since we settled in he is as obnoxious as he was when he was a kitten. And yeah, that does make me happy.

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