I can see clearly now

We have new windows on the house. Mom, in her infinite cheapness, had gone with a window company that was less than stellar and went the least expensive path they had. So half the windows in the house did not even open, all were thin single panes, and leaked in a fashion that would make a colander proud. Plus a couple were opaque due to excessive condensation. As her estate is being processed, we do have the right to spend funds to “maintain assets”. It was agreed that this was definitely much needed maintenance. So after waiting months for my brother to make a few decisions in his ponderous manner, we settled on a style and this week they were all installed by The Son of the Preacher Man.

These windows have that nice little grid pattern and are ridiculously energy efficient. They look fantastic, all of them open (!), and this winter we won’t feel a draft in every room. Carjo keeps opening them just for the thrill of it all. And now we need to wait for my brother to make a decision on which interior trim he thinks will work. This should only take until after Christmas…

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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