Because music fans are all about lists..

…and this is one that I have not given thought to in a while. My tastes have changed quite a bit over the last decades (never would have listened to jazz or classical in my younger days, nor understood it). But even in rock things have shifted. So let’s identify my top rock or rock-based acts.

Led Zeppelin
The Rolling Stones
Bruce Springsteen
The Who
Steely Dan
Pink Floyd
Porcupine Tree
Gov’t Mule
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Black Sabbath
The Decemberists
Jethro Tull
Susan Tedeschi/Derek Trucks

It is telling that only three acts on this list are from the 80s, and two had their start in the 90s. It is odd also that I consider the Decemberists so high on the list after listening to them only for about 4 years. I guess quality does rise to the top. And yes, not much representation for women on here which isn’t fair but few things are. I’ll submit this and then think more about jazz and blues.

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