In Which I Stare Into the Abyss and Back Slowly Away…

For years I have teased my good friend Jambo about his Apple zealotry. I prefer PCs and have put up with their quirks and failings pretty well. But I was about ready to dive into the deep end and join him in the off-white aluminum asylum that is Apple. We got an iPhone just a month ago and I figured that I would buy the new MacBook to fill our need for a laptop. And then the reviews came in.

As has been well documented here, I am a fanatic about music. Let’s just say that the amount of physical media (CDs and LPs) in this house is in a number north of four digits.  I am also a fanatic for as good of sound as possible, what is on my computer is not compressed and a BIG memory hog.  These things are not going to change. So what I want is a laptop with a good amount of memory and I can play/rip CDs on it. Guess what the new MacBook can’t do. Plus, because the new solid state memory is so freaking expensive, for $2200 you get a memory of 256gb. Most laptops that are less than a thousand dollars have at least 1tb of memory. And it is physically impossible to update the memory on a new MacBook.

This is what Mac zealots don’t get. If you say, this iProduct won’t do this they say, “oh, you just have to add such and such.” OK, I am paying double of what a PC product would cost but to do this simple task or add more memory I need to buy yet another off-white plastic or faux-aluminum peripheral? No.

Take iPads. No USB ports, no keyboard, no optical drive, limited multi-tasking. Yes, I can add on off-white peripherals for yet more money. What I want from a portable device is the ability to write while surfing for research and play my CDs. You can’t do that on an iPad. For over $2K I can do that on the new Macbook provided I buy both an external optical drive and external memory.  And Office on Mac sucks balls. Or I can just get a laptop from Costco for $799 that will run the software that I am used to and get everything done the way I like it.

So I am stepping away from the Abyss that almost sucked me in. I’ll keep the iPhone for my wife. And will be getting an Android this fall.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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