Like a kid with a new toy

One Christmas when I was but a toddler, my grandfather gave me a new firetruck. Much to his dismay and the amusement of the rest of the family, I spent more time that Christmas Eve playing with the box it came in rather than my gigantic shiny red truck. So early on I established that I had a hard time getting my priorities straight.

Today, we got a behemoth of a television. The picture is outstanding, the resolution on a Blu-Ray is breath-taking. It makes me anxious for football season and as a Vikings fan, that’s a difficult thing to look forward to. I put in the Blu-ray of Fellowship of the Ring just to test out how the fight in Balin’s Tomb looked. It was crisp and had such depth it almost made you believe it was 3-D. We ended up watching the rest of the movie just because it was so much better. So bring on the worst you’ve got Old Man Winter because I got a big stack of DVDs and digital cable. Cabin fever is just not going to be an option this time around.

But when you get a behemoth of a TV, the box is even bigger. So while I was struggling to get the base assembled and so on, our new kitten went to work on the big box and all the packing material. Which made me think of the story of the fire truck. And led me to taking a picture of the little squirt when she finally crashed inside the box. Grandpa Bloom probably would have said, “I could have told you that was going to happen.”


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One Response to Like a kid with a new toy

  1. so cute. my cats love boxes and bags, too!

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