A Plague on Both Their Houses

There is some debate as to how it happened but for the first time in many years one of our computers got a virus. It was a particularly powerful worm, called Live Platinum Security. I recognized it for what it was immediately but it was too late. All the usual tricks were powerless because it locked your PC from doing anything but buying worthless security protection. I went to the other PC and looked for solutions. Something call PCTools promised to do that provided I went into the safe mode to activate it. So I had to pay $39.95 to set that up but it beat using the computer as a boat anchor. And their scan did find it but it would do nothing to uninstall it. That should have been my first clue. 

I called the customer service for PCTools and was given a runaround for a good 20 minutes. They assured me that the PC was thoroughly damaged and would need extensive technical support, beyond that of the $39 program I just bought. While this idjit was spinning my wheels I rebooted that computer into safe mode and ran Malwarebytes. It killed the virus. I cursed my ineptitude because I used to be better at this sort of thing. Then I ran CCleaner to clean the registry files and finally ran a system restore. Rebooted and the virus was gone baby gone. 

Now I am on a collision course with the tools at PCTools to give us our money back. I installed Webroot, which I had been meaning to do for months and killed the McAffee program that let that east European malware in through the backdoor. But at least Carjo’s PC is working again, instead of living out its life as a boat anchor. 

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One Response to A Plague on Both Their Houses

  1. jeroljohnson says:

    UPDATE – Getting a refund on the 40 bucks. Webroot working quietly in the background on both PCs. Life is complete. Sorta.

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