Redshirts: a quick review

Just finished John Scalzi’s Redshirts. If you don’t know the premise, junior officers aboard a starship discover that on “away missions” the captain, chief science officer and a couple others always survive but their ranks always meet a horrible death. Yes, it is a piss-take on Star Trek but it takes some very unexpected detours along the way, especially in regards to what is driving this massive fatality rate. The book has drawn some controversy because that left turn really drives some people nuts and it did to me at first. But somehow Scalzi’s biting sense of humor and a few compelling characters kept me in the game until the action-packed finale. Once the main story finishes there are three “codas”, which are emotional gut punches. Scalzi took the what the true cost of this story would be on certain characters and follows up on them, and this is the part that will stay with me for a very long time. Not for everyone but if you read it, stick with it. The payoff is massive.

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