Vewy Vewy Scawy

Vewy Vewy Scawy

I finished this yesterday and it gave a definite sense of accomplishment. This was a lot of work. Way too much work. But the “Halloween/Thanksgiving” lights are all up. For the record it’s two strings of orange lights on the middle two shrubs, three orange strings on the one on the left, and nine orange/purple pains in the ass on the tree on the right. That one required a ladder on each side of the tree and some careful balancing between. And a healthy amount of Summit Saga IPA after completion.

We started this last year with just the shrubs. Then at Thanksgiving I stripped them all off and put on white for Christmas. That was the first time I tried to put lights on that tree and I only fell into the snow once while doing it. This year Carjo decided that all four should have the orange lights. Which of course meant I did it while she watched old horror movies on AMC/TCM. What else is new. But it’s done now and it looks good. We also have a skeleton hanging from the roof by the front door. It survived the 50 mph winds of this last week and now should be a cinch to last through Halloween. I don’t think I’ll leave him up for Christmas.

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