Our Patriotic Duty

We voted at about 9:00 am at the City Hall. No waiting, but given the number of ballots already in the machine I could see that business had been brisk. Being this is North Dakota, there is no registration. You just have to provide some kind of ID that shows you are you and that you live where you say you do. Last election I gave them my MN driver’s license and a copy of the water bill that had our address and names on it. And of course the judge, who was one of my classmates in grade school/high school said, “yeah, like I need to see that.” There are some advantages to living in a small town.

I am apprehensive about this election. The US Senate race in this state is as tight as can be. I doubt the Democrats are going to take the governor’s mansion or the vacant US House street but I think they put a scare into the opposition this time. And who knows how are local state representatives race is going to turn out. Then there’s the big one. My gut feeling is that Obama will win but you never know. The Ohio secretary of state seems pretty skeevy and one of the Romney sons owns the company that supplies the voting machines. Talk about your perfect storm.

So get out and vote, especially my friends in Minnesota. You have a particularly abhorrent marriage amendment to kill, not to mention a particularly abhorrent Congressperson north of the Cities. Good luck. 

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One Response to Our Patriotic Duty

  1. suevee says:

    Voting done. Check!

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