Even dragons get the blues

Even dragons get the blues

There will be no more Games of Thrones references, for winter is damn well here. Today is the start of a 3-day slap upside the head. The temperature is in the teens but it feels more like single digits. The snow is light but the wind is just starting to flex its muscles. By late tonight we go into storm mode with an expected foot of snow and 25 mph winds between tonight and Sunday noon. And once we get all that snow on the ground we’ll be in sub-zero temperatures. So we’ll be getting as much snow in this storm as we saw all last winter and the lowest temperature since the winter before. Most locals I have talked to have that foreboding sense that we are in for a repeat of the 2010-2011 winter instead of the balmy one we had last time. If you recall my posts from that winter, it was one storm after another.

I have no doubt that some of the asswipes in this red state that believe everything they hear on talk radio or Faux News will say, “how can you have global warming when we get all this cold and snow.” And I will turn myself blue trying to explain again why climate change means that we get more severe weather. And if you don’t believe that well there are a few million folks on the east coast who are true believers now.

In my family, we have no debate over the legitimacy of climate change or the possiblity of severe weather. Yesterday, with advance knowledge of the coming onslaught, my cousin kicked off his late fall garbage/lumber/furniture bonfire out at the farm. He had a lot of trash from the farm, and I had furniture from downstairs that had to go. The upholstered chairs and coach had been through a few basement floods and reeked. My brother’s ping-pong table had been warped from all the moisture down there. And the old record cabinet was rotting from the bottom up. So with three pickup loads we got it all out, along with a big pallet of cheap pine that came with our load of window trim.

At the bonfire site, I was holding on one end of the couch while balancing on the tailgate of the pickup. The couch arm that I was gripping came loose and I fell off the tailgate backwards. I had a brief thought of “oh great, I hope I don’t hit my head on a rock when I land” and lucky for me, I didn’t. My head slapped back into the dirt, my lower back struck a cardboard box. No concussion, no broken bones, no whiplash, so I can feel good about that. The muscles in my neck and right shoulder are pretty stiff, my lower back is tight and had a slight swelling last night. But I’m popping ibuprofen to deal with the inflammation and had one muscle relaxant last night. I will survive.

Right now Carjo has Chicken Parmesan and Rice in the crock pot, we’re stocked up on everything imaginable, and the house is tight and dry. We’ll be OK, unlike our dragon out on the deck.

Stay warm and have a good weekend.

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