I didn’t know Bullwinkle was married

I didn't know Bullwinkle was married

We now have moose as permanent residents on the farm. They’re getting common in this corner of ND. This moose family (bull, cow, & calf) roam our farm and our neighbors, stepping over fences that deer have to jump over and growing if now fat, very sturdy. The cow in this picture was about the size of a draft horse. The bull of course was a good foot and a half taller, with a rack that sprawled above his head like a great ragged bowl.

The whole family was found about 40 feet from the road, in front of an old tree row. As soon as we stopped in front of them the bull had moved back in the brush pushing the calf in front of him.

According to my cousin who farms this land, they like to forage in the remains of one of our neighbors sunflower fields but their home is in the old pasture north of the farmstead. Half of that pasture is under water and there’s plenty of low spots with some thick groves of trees. In moose terms, that’s darn near paradise. And we are glad to provide it for them.

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