And now, something to turn up LOUD

Not many people in the US remember The Angels. First of all they had to change the name they used in Australia to Angel City to avoid confusion with the wretched glam band Angel. I don’t recall them getting much of a record company push either though the reviews were generally good. But damn, they were a good band.

Picture the snot and swagger of the Stones, the Aussie muscle of AC/DC, and a lyrical bent more reminiscent of Nick Cave than the usual T/A concerns of their hard rock brethren. So only those of us keeping an eye out for their albums ever caught on to what a brutal rush this band could provide.

Finding their CDs now can be a bitch. The stuff in their catalog that is available in places like Amazon fetches hefty import prices. The compilation Wasted Sleepless Nights is going for $50+ on Amazon. So tread carefully if this intrigues you. But the rewards are vast.

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