The Man Cave remodeled

There are a lot of things I am thankful for: a loving wife who is a spectacular cook, an entertaining dog, a lifestyle that is free from all the stresses that nearly brought us down a few years ago. And I am very thankful that the new Man Cave is finished.

There are a few finishing touches waiting. Carjo has ordered some artwork that goes above the new desk, the filing cabinet is still awaiting casters and a top, but other than that, we’re good to go. Please note, most of the crucial decorating decisions were made by my wife. I know what I like but she has the sense of style and courage to go for it. I just put shit together.

Above is the decor by the door. The cat in the painting bears a strong resemblance to our cat Hodge.

Here’s the bookcase next to my desk.

These books have been in storage for quite a while and it was a relief to my obsessive media junkie spirit to get the majority of them out into the open. The majority of the hardcovers, stuff like the Dozois anthologies, GRRM, Rowling and Tolkien, and the literary titles are in the living room shelves. Most of what’s in this room is either reference, speculative fiction, and mysteries. And yes, there’s more books hidden in closets. Many, many more books. Not like Neil Gaiman’s basement but…it’s a helluva lot of books.

Here’s the bookcases on the opposite side of the room.

The Man Cave remodeled

Note the wall decal above the shelves. I think it’s pretty appropriate for a wannabe fantasy author who has ADHD.

Here’s my work station, all set up for work.

Yeah, that chair is old. It was my dad’s, I love the connection it gives me, and it stays.

Now here’s the window corner of the room with the guest bed.

The bed and nightstand are made of soft poplar and like everything else, I assembled them. That quilt at the end of the bed was handed down in Carjo’s family for some time. The dog has already ripped a hole in it with his shenanigans. I am told that the quilt was first seen by me when it was on Carjo’s bed when we were in college. I do not remember this. At that age, I more concerned with being IN the bed with the girl than what was covering the bed.

So that’s that end of the Man Cave saga. I’ll post a photo of the new picture when it gets here. I am promised that it will fit with my nerd interests. But this feels permanent now. I think I can get a lot done here and that’s the most important part after all. And that is just another thing that I am thankful for today.

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