Something I rarely do..

…is bitch about the Vikings on this blog. They’ve always been heartbreakers for me and I have refused to wallow about it here. But what I just saw a little bit ago was so maddening, such ridiculous play-calling that I have to spout off my two cents here as well as Facebook.

So the Vikings are down by 18 in the second half. But they spearhead a long drive, most of it on the back of Adrian Peterson. Good strategy and the Bears can do nothing against AP once he’s in his groove. They get down to the 8 yard line and it’s 3rd and 2. Now what do you do? Give the ball to the best running back in football, or have our faltering 2nd year QB throw the ball? And it’s an incomplete pass. Now they decide to go for it because we’re in the 4th quarter and it’s do or die. Give it to the stud who brought you to the red zone, right? He could do two yards on one leg. Nope, another incomplete pass.

This is the last Vikings game I will watch this season.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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