This just in: iTunes is still terrible

I downloaded the new version because I hate the prompts Apple sends. As usual, it took forever to download even though my Internet connection is pretty damn quick. Then of course a multitude of eons for it to install. And unlike just about every other piece of software I download, it demands an immediate reboot of my computer and will keep insisting on it until satiated. Sigh.

The new version is pretty bloated. Yeah, they gussied up the format a little, moved things around, but it’s still as bloated as my dad used to get after a Thanksgiving meal. Still no actual stop button. Still unable to get album artwork on a lot of albums. Playlists are limited compared to what the competition can do, likewise in terms of high fidelity. 

So I will continue to use this only for updated my phone and loading the Nano. As my friend Jambo said, “you are not the typical Apple customer”. Indeed. 

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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