A bit about 2012

A bit about 2012

First of all, Pippin has really become quite the dog this year. He wasn’t sure what it was to be a dog when we first got him. But with a lot of love, patience, and gritted teeth we have got him to a place where he has embraced the joy of being a dog. Every day is greeted with enthusiasm instead of insecurity, with confidence rather than fear. This photo wouldn’t have happened even a year ago.

In other developments, I quit my dreadful oil company job and took to full time writing/home remodeling. It took me awhile to adjust to the freedom. Too much time was wasted. but I hit my writing groove at the end of summer and have been steadily increasing the word count.

The house, as well, is coming along. The progress on my man cave has been well documented here but there have been a lot of other improvements. We have a ways to go before this house is as it should be, something my dad would have been proud of. But we’re getting there.


Carjo is making strides as well. She’s feeling pretty good these days and totally absorbed in going through a ton of my mother’s old recipes and getting the “good ones” loaded into her computer.

We lost Jonah, the beloved and feared alpha in our pride of cats. Now there’s a power vacuum that none of the rest seem capable of filling. But most of all, we miss the Demon Seed, the cat who ruled with an iron fist in a velvet glove. I miss him yowling around the house, calling his subjects. I miss him sprawling across my pillow at night, resting his head on my shoulder, and biting my nose if he wasn’t getting what he wanted. I miss his giant attitude. See attitude below.

Talk to the Hand

There have been other steps forward, steps backwards but it’s the sort of stuff that I don’t put in this blog. But it was a good year, much better than last year and far better than the five or six years before that. We’re safe and warm, we’re getting our bills paid, and our furred family love it here. So we’re good. And I hope you are too.

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