Let it…um, blow

There’s a storm a-comin’. Yeah, there is. We have a serious wind stirring up, a moderate amount of snow this afternoon, and then a wicked drop in temperature. The radar shows a massive amount of blue inching its way towards the MT/ND border. This system will grant us a few inches of snow and then dump the rest on the other side of Minot. But anytime you combine loose snow, 30 mph winds, and below-zero temperatures it is best to get your ass indoors and stay there.

Yesterday we drove to Minot to hit Target and the grocery store, shop for boots for Carjo, and hang around downtown a little bit all before the weather hit. I had a list of small home improvement things that needed at least something the size of Target and we needed a few things grocery-wise before the storm. But to keep it local we went to our local grocery store when we got home and ended up spending just as much. You have to support your local businesses as much as possible out here.

We ate at Charlie’s cafe, which has been in downtown Minot for as long as I can remember. It’s under new ownership now but the new owner has done it right. A solid menu of comfort food with said comfort food done right. Because we’re being good, we split a combo plate and one side but it was excellent. There’s many ways you can screw up a simple plate of hash browns but it is the rare place that raises them up a level. 

So we’re inside for the weekend, except for me doing some shoveling and taking the dog out. We’ll watch a couple movies, probably some more episodes of Merlin and Downton Abbey (ye gods, that show is some wicked crack – I’ll have to do a post on it soon), and I’ll get some writing done. A quiet weekend but there’s nothing bad about that. 

Stay warm folks, stay happy

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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