It’s a little nippy out there

It's a little nippy out there

That’s the Upper Midwestern for “bitter, mind-numbing cold”. Right now we’re just a degree or so under zero degrees Fahrenheit. But the wind is about 30 mph and gusting to 40, so the wind chill is far below that. Tonight might be between 15-20 below zero so we’re likely to see wind chills between -40 to -50.

And what does this mean to most of us up here? Not so much. The roads are clean and dry, so it’s safe to travel in a reliable vehicle. If we drove to Minot or Williston, there’d be plenty of folks running around shopping, doing errands. High school basketball games go on, churches will open up Sunday morning. In this world, a “little stretch of cold weather” only means that no one is foolish enough to get caught outside for too long but life goes on.

Pippin has gone out three times since 6:30 am to do his business. Apparently he was unable to find any notebooks to pee on but I think he may have “marked” my new printer in the last day or two. As I said, life goes on.

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