Media God update

OK, I’m a demi-god. Some video files would show up on the TV but a LOT of others refused to. At first I thought it was due to issues with the file names because I swore that it was inconsistent with the same type of files. But I was mistaking flv for avi. After spending some time sifting through the little external hard drive, I determined that anything that wasn’t MP4 or MKV was invisible to the TV’s media center. So I schlepped over to CNET to look for downloads for video converters. One of the top-rated ones was called Freemake and it seemed relatively painless. So I downloaded it, played with it, figured out how to dump more than one file at a time into it, and now it will be working night and day until everything is switched to MKV. And then, then I will rise up a true god and they will write of this day. Yeah, sure, whatever.¬†

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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