Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One Before

I got the laptop set up. Again. Yeah, I know.

I noticed there were some updates/apps that were missing. Kindle wasn’t functioning, Samsung’s workaround on the Start Menu problem was not available, etc. So I got in a live chat with one of their customer service people who insisted I had to “refresh” the laptop. A refresh is like a restore that you could do on Windows 98, XP or 7. It doesn’t lose your files but it brings the computer back to its pristine state. So I did that and it was seven different kinds of fucked up. Every program and game that I downloaded went away, along with Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center, VLC, Webroot, etc. And this was just before we were going to make our Valentine’s dinner. Carjo was rightly furious that I was taking time out to mess with this but these things drive me up the wall. I get that ADD hyper-focus going and can think of little else. So I got it started on updates and worked on dinner for my angry spouse.

At about 10:30 that night, once my beloved was pacified, apologized to, and tucked into bed with Hodge and the dog, I set to work. The “refresh” still didn’t bring back the apps I was looking for so I went back to the damn Live Chat. I found a new person who gave me a link to run the Samsung update package yet again (I had ran this thing twice before). But this time it actually did it right. I got the quick starter, my keyboard lights were back, and a bunch of other stuff. I started installing all my little foibles and finally got to bed about 1:00 am, with Dragon Age in the midst of an umpteen hour download. 

After breakfast and feeding the livestock, I checked in and Dragon Age was ready to rock. I set up Webroot because hey, no one wants to rely on Norton. I got Office 365 back and set the apps menu. And after multiple attempts, I got Steam to login so I could install Skyrim. Those bastards take incompetency to a level undreamed of by Samsung customer support. Now it’s downloading the Baldur’s Gate games but everything looks shiny. The desktop looks sharp, the apps in Windows 8 are free of bloat, and we’re ready to rock. Again. 

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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