Don’t Be Messin’ with My Groove

Don't Be Messin' with My Groove

It was bitter cold this morning and though the dog did his business outside, I don’t think his heart was in it. Hodge, shown above, has a better notion of dealing with extreme windchill: use a litter box and stretch out on a bed. To his credit, the dog is right now on a bed and is feeling pretty good. But he just doesn’t have Hodge’s sense of panache.

I paid all our bills today and got them in the mail. I also dropped off the utility bills, left out the garbage, etc. It was indeed face-freezing cold out there. Then I talked to the Son of the Preacher about what to do with various issues around the house and then our electricians. Still waiting on the plumber and I am afraid I’ll have to call them again. You take what you can get out here when it comes to skilled labor and most of these guys are so busy with emergencies that they can barely get to their bread and butter business.

I’m going to go back outside now and run to the grocery for a few supplies. Hopefully the dairy products will have decent expiration dates. You take what you can get out here. But I’ll try not to let it all mess with my groove.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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