Hey Amazon, how ’bout this..

Hey Amazon, how 'bout this..

If you have bought music from Amazon, you are no doubt aware of their cloud player. I’m not much on clouds because I live in a very rural area and I would just rather not stream content when we’re out and about. All the players are now promoting it (Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft) but the clouds are limited in size, expensive if you go beyond their size limits, and you better have a solid connection when you stream (not to mention a liberal plan that allows you to stream incessantly).

But the cool thing about the Amazon cloud is that you get ALL the music you have ever purchased (subject to record company agreement) in their cloud player with no charge for all that tuneage. So not only do I get access to every CD I have bought for myself, but everything bought with my account. And you get to download decent quality MP3s of all that material. I downloaded some CDs that I had bought for my brother over the years, which is damn awesome.

What I would like Amazon to do now is take the next logical step. If all the music i have bought is available on the cloud, why not all the books? Think about it. All I have to do is stream or download a book that I have already bought to the Kindle app on my laptop and it’s there when I travel. Hell, that might even convince to buy an actual Kindle Fire.

So please Mr. Bezos, if you’re out there on them InterWebs, think about this. I suppose some publishers would have a fit about that much digital content floating around or some other asinine objection. Content providers are always a decade or two behind the curve. But think about the awesomeness of having every book you have ever bought at your fingertips. I think I just gave myself the chills.

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