Too Old to Rock n’ Roll..

Too Old to Rock n' Roll..

…but not too young to pick up the guitar again.

I haven’t played a guitar since I was a freshman in college. I was terrible. I had too much going on and my inability to stick to anything caught up with me. And if I am honest with myself, the desire wasn’t burning hot enough to stick with it.

About 15 years ago I came to the realization that I should pick it up again. I had better concentration, less distractions. But still, I didn’t take the plunge. One of my best friends did pick up the guitar again after a long absence and had a blast. It was tempting.

In recent years it just was not economically feasible. We had too many debts and bills to indulge in a midlife crisis need. My job was demanding, my mind strung out from stress, and what little spare time I had went to writing. The burn was there but I shoved it to the back burner with a lot of force.

Now my time constraints are different, my debts are fewer, and my mastery of my ADHD somewhat improved. So I have spent the last few months doing research on brands, lessons, electric vs. acoustic, etc. I want to play electric guitar, something that sounds a little nasty when I sit on the deck out back, banging on blues riffs and drinking an IPA. My friend who went back to the guitar and another friend of mine who played in metal bands in the 80s both recommended learning the chords/fingerings on an acoustic. A number of players on Progressive Ears recommended the same thing. And of course, buying an acoustic guitar is a little cheaper than shelling out for a decent electric with an amp. So I went the acoustic route.

We went to Bismarck Thursday for a trip to Lowe’s/Target/etc. and I made sure I stopped at a local music store. They didn’t have the cheaper Yamahas I was looking for but this Ephiphone Hummingbird was the right price and the tone was great. So I bought a guitar. And a case, tuner, stand, strings…

Now the test is whether I have the patience and discipline to pursue this. Remember the ADHD? But I think I can. The desire does burn. I’ll never be a Stevie Ray Vaughan but I hope to be able to get to that magical and previously mythical place where I sit on the deck, cranking out blues and metal riffs, scaring the crap out of the Chihuahuas next door.


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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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2 Responses to Too Old to Rock n’ Roll..

  1. Brad says:

    No better way to relax and Zen out. Nice axe, Jerol!

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    Even looking at it sitting in the corner brings me a little comfort.

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