In Which I Resuscitate Another Dying Piece of Electronics

In Which I Resuscitate Another Dying Piece of Electronics

In the man cave, I have an old JVC receiver. It was bought for my parents in the 80s and there’s been a couple times it has almost hit the garbage pile. I use it in the man cave to take the audio from my computer and feed it to the subwoofer and my Infinity bookshelf speakers. I have replaced the drivers on the Infinities and they sound pretty good. The Polk subwoofer I have posted about before, It adds some nice bottom to the mix. Everything’s perfect right?

This morning, I wasn’t getting any sound out of the left channel. I used to work in an audio store and I learned when dealing with speakers and components, it’s all a process of elimination. It’s an exhausting and infuriating process but it’s the only thing that works. I checked all the connections. No difference. Checked the right speaker on the good system in the living room. It worked fine there and gave me a subtle reminder how much better that amp was over the JVC. Then I ran the audio my laptop and it was still missing a channel. OK, so that meant it was the receiver, an item I really didn’t want to replace now. If I replaced it, I’d probably go with an integrated amp from a high-end manufacturer and that would cost $$$. I get fussy when I replace this stuff and I have a plan to get new electronics for the man cave a few years from now, when I can do it right. So this wasn’t good. I switched the left and right inputs and sure enough, the right one was shot. This receiver is so old, it doesn’t have any other place I can run it in…except for the tape input. As far as the receiver is concerned, audio is audio. So I plugged in through the tape monitor. And we’re back in stereo again. Whew…

I’ve got this Brian Eno/John Cale disc playing right now. This is reasonably obscure but sounds very mainstream. It still has a few 80s production quirks but for the most part it holds up well. And “You Don’t Miss Your Water” is so gorgeous. Check it out.

11 You Don’t Miss Your Water

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