but it is a very fine ale, a very fine ale indeed

but it is a very fine ale, a very fine ale indeed

I’m all for extreme beers, complex and layered, with bruising hops or deep, dark roasted malts. But those beers are often not exactly meant for session drinking. Either the taste is too overwhelming for another glass or the alcohol level is too high. Take my beloved Bells Two Hearted Ale. I can easily drink a couple of them but given their alcohol content that’s the limit. I’ve never been able write after a bottle of Two Hearted.

Yesterday we were in Minot and I had to stop in this little dump of a liquor store to grab some wine for Carjo. Lo and behold, they just started stocking Bell’s. Now it’s always a risk to buy non-pasteurized beer in this state because most stores don’t know what to do with it. They’ll either leave it out on the floor where it rots pretty fast, or keep it in the cooler long past expiration. But I check the brewing dates on this stuff and it was only a couple months old. That’s pretty good for these parts. So I picked up a six of Bell’s Amber.

The Amber is probably one of the best amber/red ales in the country. It’s not a hop bruiser, just a well-crafted and extremely drinkable beer that won’t leave you staggering but will demand you open another bottle. I have a poster here in the man cave for Bell’s Amber.

I’ve never been to England but yeah, it tastes like that. So have one, have a few. You won’t regret it.

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2 Responses to but it is a very fine ale, a very fine ale indeed

  1. suevee says:

    Oh man I miss beer!

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    Plenty of gluten-free beers out there now…

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